Hymns for the Angels



Congregational singing of traditional Catholic hymns chosen by the congregation of Holy Angels Church, Hale Barns, Cheshire.  The service includes a brief reference to the context of a hymn, and concludes with Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament.  The service was digitally recorded in Holy Angels Church.  A booklet is enclosed giving the text of all hymns and the Benediction prayers.  The CD is shrink-wrapped and contains a barcode

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Organist: Nora M Griffin, BA (Hons)

Conductor: John Denison, ALCM  LLCM

Digital Recording by Alan Sutcliffe

Service initiated and produced by Cecilia M Whelan, President of Holy Angels Blessed Sacrament Guild

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               HYMNS  INCLUDED 

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 1   Bring flowers of the rarest                 

Many of the older generation listening to this recording will recall, with happiness tinged with regret at their passing, the Sunday evening service of Benediction, which was once so regular and valued a part of parish life, and the joyful processions that took place in May to crown Our Lady’s statue, and again in May or in June to celebrate the feast of Corpus Christi.


In arranging this recording the intention has been, not only to preserve the hymns that were part of these celebrations but to recall the Catholic devotions they proclaim. 


Benediction now is seldom celebrated, displaced originally by the newly introduced Sunday evening Mass.  Processions are rare.  As a consequence, perhaps, the traditional hymns are rarely sung, and are regarded now, possibly, as over-emotional or out-of-date.


Emotional the hymns may often be; but St. Augustine describes in his Confessions how he wept, deeply moved by the hymns, songs and voices that echoed through the church,  And out-dated?  No.  The faith that they express remains the unchanging Catholic faith of our fathers.  Mary is still Queen of the Angels and our Mother, interceding on our behalf, and devotion to her remains intrinsic to Christian worship.  Our Guardian Angel watches over and guides us still.  Christ remains the fount of love and mercy, with devotion to his Sacred Heart the chief sign and symbol of that love.


Benediction is a celebration in adoration of Christ’s Real Presence in the Blessed Sacrament.  Its origin is believed to have been an amalgamation of exposition of the Blessed Sacrament for worship and the evening service of devotion to Our Blessed Lady established by the medieval guilds.  How appropriate it is then that our service took place in the month of May, the month dedicated to Our Lady, when her statue has been crowned with flowers over the centuries as an expression of devotion.


As well as bringing back treasured memories, I hope that the recording will strengthen devotion  to the Blessed Sacrament, and will reawaken the prayerful devotions expressed in these traditional Catholic hymns. 

   Cecilia M Whelan


 2   Guardian Angel                   

 3    Sweet heart of Jesus                     

 4    Hail Queen of Heaven                   

 5    Lord for tomorrow

 6    This is the image of our Queen      

 7    O Sacred Heart                            

 8    Jesus Thou art coming

 9    Faith of our fathers                         

10   Sweet Sacrament divine

11   O Salutaris

12   Tantum ergo                                  

13   Adoremus

14 Sweet Saviour bless us                    




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